Hard Money Loans

ATS Financial works with a wide range of lenders and investors to provide hard money mortgages Nationwide with special focus in Florida and Texas. Our loans are not based on your credit score, as the loan is secured by the value of the collateral property. Typically, the maximum loan to value ratio is 75-90%. That is, if the property is worth $100,000, we would advance $75,000-90,000 against it.

Through our parent company ATS Investments Group LLC,  we provide a special Hard Money loan for non-residents to purchase investment properties in the United States.

 The following are the key features of this special hard money loan;?

  • LTV of 70% (Client must be able to provide 25% – 30% proof of funds for deposit on property plus closing cost)

  • Six months bank statements showing proof of income

  • Real Estate project analysis (ATS Investments will assist with the preparation of this analysis if required)

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